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PNG Adventures

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Adventuring in Papua New Guinea is unique. It is fun, exciting and offers ultimate experience. Travel the land filled with flora and fauna, moss rainforest, valleys and mountains, passing through fast flowing rivers, alpine grassland and through local villages where the scenery and landscapes are panoramic.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA Land of Adventure

The natural environment is very welcoming in the same way as the people. The people are friendly, cheerful and always greet every visitor with a smile. To get the real feel of adventure, it has to include exploration of remote areas. These remote areas, some very isolated, give an in-depth experience of Papua New Guinea. The exploration includes canoeing along the mighty Sepik River, trekking in the highlands, climbing the towering mountains with overnights in village guesthouses and sharing the local cuisine with the villagers. There is no luxury and in most cases there is hardly any modern facility to be found. This is Adventure and is an Experience. If you have to travel all the way and come this far, you are here for a purpose and that purpose is not luxury but to study and explore the different customs and traditions and learn about the people of Papua New Guinea. To do so, you have to travel to remote areas where people still live in traditional huts with their daily activity is manning pigs, gardens and gathering food. Cultural experience is by far the best in Papua New Guinea and by exploring the country in depth; you will witness these cultural activities. Every area explored will have different languages, cultures and traditions, which you will be experiencing. The country is so small with over 5.2 million people; however, it is quite difficult to understand why there are so many languages, traditions and cultures. It is a fascinating experience. Adventuring in Papua New Guinea does not stop with this. You can explore the country by a combination of facilities ranging from luxury 3 star hotels to very basic village quest houses. This is suitable for people who prefer some luxury on their expedition. Our adventure programs are in modules and they can be combined for those who wish to extend their exploration and stay in the country for a longer period. We unlike other operators do not publish the adventure programs for the following reasons:

1. Road conditions deteriorate every now and then, thus making passage to certain areas difficult, especially the remote areas.

2. Flight schedules change regularly causing misconnections and the availability of charter flights into some of the remote areas.

3. Traditional activities in certain areas at the time, such death of respected and prominent person, and some activities need privacy etc. We put together our adventure programs (modules) upon receipt of a specific request and at the time we determine every aspect of the operation of the trips and submit the program/s with costs. Or we offer alternative programs should we consider the specific request won't be feasible.

We organize:

  • Sepik River Canoeing - Upper Sepik River - Middle Sepik River - Lower Sepik River
  • Tari Trek
  • Lake Kutubu Trek
  • Mt. Wilhelm Trek
  • Mt. Giluwe Ialibu-Trek
  • Cycling Tour - Kavieng to Namatani (New Ireland Province) - Trans Highlands Highway
  • 4WD Expeditions - Highlands

Itineraries and details of these adventure programs will be provided upon request. They are all-adventurous and require people who are physically fit. Some of the programs such as the Mt. Wilhelm trek, Ialibu-Mt Giluwe and Tari trek can be strenuous for many, thus, they require people who are physically fit. One some of these adventure programs, camping will be required. Camping equipments and tents will have to be provided by the participants. Advance bookings are required for the 4WD expeditions and cycling expedition.