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Staff Profile

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Country Tours is a local inbound tour operator and has seven full time staff.It also has Six part time guides and two part time drivers. Country Tours also has agents in other parts of the country. It has started as a small family business based in Mt Hagen but now the volume of the business has raised and thus extended the staff sealing to seven. These measures were taken to properly provide a quality service to its growing tourist intake every year.

Country Tours also has ten (10) staff for the Ambua Country Lodge in Tari Southern Highlands Province which is owned and operated by Country Tours. It has created job opportunities for many Papua New Guineas in the last 6 years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Country Tours is 100 percent Papua New Guinean Company and we are greatly honored to maintain the integrity of our forefathers.

Country Tours Staff Profile

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Wako Napasu Runi

Wako Napasu is the Managing Director and founder of Country Tours. He is a qualified teacher and his keen business sense, tour coordination, VIP treatment customer care and diligence attention to detail has been a major factor in making Country Tours one of the fastest reputable National Tour Operators in Papua New Guinea. Wako grew up and educated in Papua New Guinea. He is married with two beautiful children Nathan and Jacinta. His wife Joyce looks after the operations while their adopted daughter does office administration and marketing. Wako spends most of his time doing tour sales and marketing both within and abroad and oversees Country Tours operations including his new Country Lodge in Ambua Tari Southern Highlands Province . Although he is a busy man he always has time on every Saturdays and spends the Sabbath with his family to attend church service. He is a prominent Seventh - day Adventist and sponsors many lay activities including the First Adventist Radio Station in Papua New Guinea based in Mt Hagen.


Joyce Napasu

Joyce directly involves in the day to day affairs of the company. She gained a minimum education and tries her best to assist her husband Wako in the general planning and running of the company including public relations.She is a part time driver guide and spends most of her time coordinating the tours. She looks after the operations in their Mt Hagen head office. She travels extensively around the world with her husband to promote Papua New Guinea with the help of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority. While traveling to other parts of the world she tries to implement what she sees and learns to improve the quality and quantity of services Country Tours offers to its customers here in PNG. She is a committed Seventh Day Adventist and she makes sure family worship is always present both morning and evening. She loves singing and always encourages her husband and children to sing when under work pressure. The family believes that God is always behind their achievements.


Ana has just joined to Country Tours in January2011 to bring the staff sealing to eight. She now looks after Office Administration while Neoma moves onto full time doing Tour Sales.

Ana completed her 10th grade at Mogol Secondary School in the Southern Highlands Province with high grades and moved onto Pacific Bible College in Pabarabuk Western Highlands Province and completed four year Teaching and Ministerial Course. She taught at Pogera ACE school for three years and resigned in December 2010 to work with Country Tours after a job become available that suited her.

She is a qualified professional and we welcome her on board.

Benson Hale

Benson Hale

Benson Hale hails from Ambua in Tari Southern Highlands Province. He was brought up and educated in his home village near Ambua. After dropping off from his primary school days in the early 1980s, he spend most of his life back in the village helping in the family garden and other very important tasks a Huli boy would grow up to do in order to qualify for manhood like caring pigs, making fence, building house, digging mudwalls,marriage and caring and how to grow wigman hair, how to fight and depend tribal wars and other land issues. The initiation process lasted until 1993 where he has to stand as a man. He fell in love with a women from a nearby village and now he has 4 children. And further you wouldn't belive he has more than one wife. Actually he is! Since than he worked with Ambua Lodge doing all sorts of work from security guard to tour guiding which includes, cultural guide, waterfall and birding guide.  Of the total 17 years with Ambua, 10 of these years were spend on bird watching as a birding guide. He now loves birds more than any other and does alot of bird watching guide for major travel agents that do birding in and around Ambua. With this great experience he joined Country Tours.

Thus he is now the senior birding guide for Makara Bird View Lodge. He is assisted by Alois Andako who also comes from Ambua forest. Since they are from the Ambua forest they know all the birds by name and you would not encounter hassles when you bird with the landlord who knows the forest and the nature knows him. However only you can prove his excellence.

Benson now manages Makara Bird View Lodge and has 10 full time staff. He is backed up by the experiences of Henry Apia who was with Ambua in the kitchen and catering industry for over 20 years. Please come to Makara Lodge and say hi to Benson and his dedicated staff ! "Lukim Yu"

Max Pakau Nekoli

Max Pakau Nekoli grew up and educated around the limestone and mountain rainforests of Waila in the Enga Province. During his early childhood days he and his father spent most of the times in the nearby rainforest for hunting and gardening. Finally he nurtured his love for the natural environment and his passion for the nature has turned him to love birds more than any other. He spent countless hours since 1999 doing bird guide for bird watchers all over the world in Papua New Guinea especially around the Kumul Wilderness Lodge. With his wealth of experience, he now joins Country Tours to take up a full time job as a PNG Bird Guide. He now travels the country to fulfill his dream to see all the birds in the country and assists international bird watchers as much as possible to fulfill their dreams as well.

Nelson Kuk

Nelson grew up and educated in Mt Hagen Papua New Guinea. After dropping off in the 10th grade he did some odd jobs in the capital city, Port Moresby. Later he went back to his home town Mt Hagen and joined the Papua New Guineas leading Telecommunication Company –Telikon PNG and worked for a year and half. However his passion for job finding never stopped there. Towards the end of 2007 he finally joined Country Tours. He was given the job as tour guide and did full time guide work for almost a year. He showed great enthusiasm and commitment in the work. He is now the operations manager and based in Port Moresby, the nations capital. While in Port Moresby he completed a certificate in Tourism and hospitality. He represents Country Tours on numerous meetings and seminars both within and abroad. Every year he represents Country Tours and Papua New Guinea in general in the Japanese annual trade show in Tokyo-Japan in association with the PNGTPA.

Neoma Napasu

Neoma left her 11th grade at Notre Dem girls’ secondary school in Mt Hagen to help in the growing family business. She does guide, meet, greet and transfers, hotel and flight bookings, tour sales and office administration. She is keen on bird watching and represents Country Tours & Papua New Guinea every year in the British Bird Fair in UK with the help of Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority. She has a certificate in Tourism and hospitality management

Robert Dum

Robert is a full time Country Tours tourist driver. After dropping out from formal education, he started driving and has a wealth of experience for over 28 years. He is well know for his long hours driving along the highlands highway-Papua New Guineas longest highway which joins eight different provinces altogether. He drives 4x4, buses to trucks. Robert is also a driver guide and speaks very good English. He is well known by tourists all over the world for his gifted driving.

Robert Terel

Robert Terel is a qualified auto electrician by profession. He is now self employed who owns and runs several retail stores and public bus services and serves the entire highlands region of Papua New Guinea. However he has a great passion for tourism and hospitality. He organizes mini cultural shows for Country Tours customers. He is now a full time tour guide and a driver and looks after Country Tours Tari and Mendi Offices.